The Germany headquarters will be closed from April 14 to 17 due to plant holidays. Spare parts will still be available, you can reach us via tel.: +49 8021 8899 0! Happy Easter and stay healthy!


Anbaugeräte für Ladekrane und Bagger
Attachments for Loader Cranes and Excavators
Outils pour Grues et Pelles

Equipment voor de Sloop- en Recyclingindustrie
Baggeranbaugeräte für Abbruch und Recycling
Excavator Attachments for Demolition and Recycling
Outils pour Pelles pour Démolition et Recyclage

Earth Drills, Trenchers and Many Other High Quality Attachments for Excavators, Skidsteers & Other Machines
Erdbohrer, Grabenfräsen und hochwertige Anbaugräte für Bagger, Kompaktlader & andere Maschinen



Manufacturer of Quick Couplers, Buckets and Grapples for Excavators


Produkter för Järnväg-, Mark- & Byggentreprenad
Equipment for Construction, Cable Works and
Rail Construction and Maintenance

A Leading Manufacturer of Quality Attachments

We Sell Solutions and Innovations for Demolition