Pallet Forks for Crane



The characteristics of the pallet forks KM 401, 414 and 415:

Pallet Forks KM 401H and KM 401 …

… with hydraulic/mechanical center of gravity adjustment & adjustable tines with spindle.
The efficient KINSHOFER pallet fork with a spring loaded or hydraulically compensating center of gravity can easily be adapted to different loads with adjustable plunge depth and adjustable tine spread. An efficient handling of many different kinds of loads like stone or brickstack, protection trellis or other general cargo is possible due to the hydraulic shifting or the easy adjustment with a stainless steel-plastic-sliding guide in the upper component respectively.
The tool is easy to use due to its dimensions since no part of the pallet fork is wider than a standard pallet, so loads close to walls can be handled without any problems.

The telescopic version of the above pallet forks has been developed especially for overheight loads such as insulating material – adjustable in steps with a lock pin up to a height of 2500 mm / 98.43 in.

Pallet forks KM 414 and KM 415 …
Universal extensions for pallet forks:
Product range hydraulic/mechanical:
Product range self/manual shifting:


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