NOX Tiltrotator for Excavator | NOX Attachments & Accessories

Anbaugeräte, Löffel und Gripper für NOX Tiltrotatoren für Bagger

The characteristics of the NOX attachments & accessories:

KINSHOFER has developed and compiled …

a range of tools especially adapted to the NOX Tiltrotator to guarantee the best efficiency available. 

Besides the clamshell buckets, demolition and sorting grabs, compactors and forks that KINSHOFER is offering for the NOX, there are various other combinations possible. 

The general working is much more efficient and fast, because you can work precisely – e.g. when positioning natural rocks for a wall – without repositioning the excavator all the time. 

There is the possibility to add a gripper to the tiltrotator that can be used to position rods, poles or curbstones, while the below mounted attachment remains untouched. 

KINSHOFER is also offering a pre-set bucket kit, each including a suitable grading, backhoe and trench bucket. 

Many attachments can be used in combination with the NOX Tiltrotator, e.g.:



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