Levelling Bars for NOX Tiltrotators for Excavator

AVB Nivellierungsbalken für NOX Tiltrotatoren für Bagger

The characteristics of the levelling bar AVB:

The AVB Levelling Bar with roller …

for NOX Tiltrotators is the ideal tool to level material for a smooth surface for excavators with up to 8t or up to 24t operating weight.

The PLA is the simple form without roller for excavators with up to 24t operating weight.

  • Robust design: no protruding parts, stable construction.
  • Effective distribution and levelling of gravel etc.
  • Different adapters available.
  • Different widths available.
  •  Optional for AVB: scraper for roller, so no dirt or clay remains.
Product range:
More pictures and customer operations:

The AVB levelling bars are available for excavators with operating weights from 8t to 24t.


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