Universal Forks for Crane


The characteristics of the Universal Fork KM 461:

The efficient KM 461 KINSHOFER universal forks for loader cranes …

… handle wallboards and other lying building materials up to a size of 1250 mm / 49 in height and 460 mm / 18 in depth. The tine spread can be adjusted to the sheets that have to be handled. The boards can be lifted and folded into a vertical position and are clamped between tines and frame, preventing them from sliding during handling. The load itself is protected from damage by semi-tapered forged tines with rollers and pads. 

A special version with second suspension point on the main beam enables the unloading of lying boards through narrow openings in the wall.

For the US, the forks are also available as LS low storage version, especially designed for »over-the-cab-storage« where limited space requires a very narrow fork frame and overall width. 

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