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The heart of the construction machinery industry can be found at the gates of Frankfurt am Main since end of 2018.

The Coreum was built on 120,000m².

The Coreum is a Europe-wide unique platform for innovations - and a unique setting for events. This is where people and leading companies from the construction and recycling industries come together to learn with and from each other, to network and to shape the future of the industries.

KINSHOFER has been a part of this right from the beginning and is one of the partners of the Coreum. A large range of attachments of almost all sizes and different tasks can be found in the permanent exhibition of the Coreum.

The clients and end users have the possibility here to not only see the attachments, but also test them themselves. Furthermore you get additional information as well as trainings if required and wanted.


Practical Days 2023

One common passion:
from October 13 to 15, 2023

  • At the practical days you can find everybody who is interested in construction, re-handling and recycling.
  • We show you what we have to offer at our six realistic demonstration sites.
  • Technical specialists and consultant are always there for your questions while you can test everything yourself.
  • There is also a wide range of product presentations and lectures held by true experts. During the breaks you can discuss with other professionals and enjoy our catering.

Home for Technology and Innovation

On an area of 5.000 m², the all-year indoor exhibition informs about the latest trends in the industry. Furthermore, there is an 600 m² large sand box for indoor tests and trainings with the machines.

The forum does not only invite to experience, but also to learn. There are spacious rooms as well as the required equipment for internal and external traings and workshops.

Besides conference rooms for theoretical classes, the Coreum also provides modern training work shops that make practical learning possible.

NOX Tiltrotators

The NOX Tiltrotator by KINSHOFER is one of the most effective tools for excavators with an operating weight of 3t up to 25t. Its 360° endless rotation as well as a tilt angle of 2 x 50° make your machine turn into a multi-functional carrier.

You will be able to fi nish much more different kinds of works in much less time and at the same time create a safe working area.

Additionally you have the option of an electric feedthrough for the use of special safety quick couplers and tool recognition. Moreover the NOX Tiltrotators are already prepared for 2D-/3D excavator systems. Your machine is thus becoming a semiautomatic carrier.


  • GRABS: Trust Kinshofer‘s more than 45 years of experience in constructing grabs and combine the NOX with any kind of grab. Using a HPX grab makes your NOX an absolute power package!
  • AVB levelling bar: The AVB levelling bar with roller for NOX Tiltrotators is the ideal tool to level material to get an even surface for excavators with up to 8t or 24t operating weight.
  • FORK TINES: No matter if palletized or non-palletized. Convert your excavator into a forklift. Available with mechanically or hydraulically adjustable tines.
  • COMPACTORS: The compactors providean efficient and high compacting performance thanks to their large surface compacting plates and their high impulse energy. Easy maintenance and service are additional features.
  • BUCKETS: All kinds of buckets can be used. For example also the narrowest buckets for cable trenches, that do not protrude beyond the tiltrotator‘s width. Thanks to the NOX you can thus excavate deep trenches even under already existing tubes.
  • Integrated GRIPPER optionally available!

Control system NOXPROP

The smooth proportional NOXPROP control system provides for more safety and precision.

The NOX tiltrotator, quick coupler and attached tools are operated conveniently and effectively with the ergonomically designed joysticks of the smart NOXPROP control.

Easy to fit to any excavator.

Individual function assignment and simple menu navigation due to the integrated touchscreen. Integrated GPS, LTE, Bluetooth and WiFi aerials connect your maschine with the digital working environment. In combination with the ToolTracker, the integration into the fleet management is no problem and gives you a maximum of flexibility. The system is prepared for future assistance functions such as dynamic scale, 2D heights and depths limiter, fleet management, etc.


Being a global company we know, that clients are used to certain product styles and features in different regions, including quick couplers.

While we are continuosly working to improve designs in order to increase e.g. productivity and safety, we respect the fact, that the clients already have an inventory, with which our solutions must be compatible.

System L-Lock: Fully compatible with the known and regionally widespread Lehnhoff adapters for maximum reliability.

System S-Lock: Fully compatible with the internationally widespread S-Standard adapters for maximum security.

System D-Lock: Compatible with most of the pin-to-pin adapters or the original excavator specific suspensions for maximum security.

SmartFlow: The D-Lock SmartFlow is a fully hydraulic version of the D-Lock quick coupler. The valve block at the D-Lock coupler is equipped with oilflow optimized hydraulic valves and a special locking system that absorbs the resulting expansion forces between the valves without transferring them to the quick coupler.


TC Tilt Couplers

The Kinshofer TC Tilt Couplers provide a tilting of up to 180°, increasing the flexibility and efficiency of all attachments to a maximum.

A respective RSV-Kit (non-return valve set) is optionally available.

A counter-balance valve mounted to the motor is providing for a secure holding of the TC‘s positions, independent of the angle.


  • GENERAL BUCKET: For digging and excavating tasks in light to medium-heavy or as heavy duty version in medium-heavy to heavy soil and for loading or backfilling of sand, gravel or soil.
  • SELECTOR BUCKET: The perforated back wall or metal ribs let sand and gravel through without larger pieces getting caught. The bucket is the perfect tool for sorting debris or bulk material.
  • DITCH CLEANING BUCKET: Perfect for removal, loading and backfilling of sand, gravel and soil. Ditch cleaning, grading and levelling works at embankments, road banks and lawns as well as the construction of slopes are no problem.
  • TILT BUCKET: The hydraulically driven bucket with horizontal cylinder is ideal for all daily works in general construction. With a tilt angle of 90° (2 x 45°) it is optimal for grading and levelling tasks as well as for the construction of slopes.
  • BUCKET-KITS FOR NOX: The bucket-kits respectively include a SKP grading bucket, a SKD general bucket and a SKK cable/trenching bucket. The buckets have the ideal design for works with the NOX Tiltrotator.


Here you are only seeing a small choice of attachments for landscaping. No matter the task you are confronted with, no matter if you want to equip a small or large excavator or a skidsteer – we have the appropriate tool for you in our product portfolio.

We are a true one-stop shop of attachments for your carrier machine and and you do not have to trudge around different sites to get equipped.

The majority f our attachments can additionally be used with a tilt coupler or a tiltrotator, increasing your performance and reducing your time investment enormously.

The same also applies to our attachments for general construction: no matter if you have to realize excavation, levelling, grading, backfilling or drilling tasks, we have what you need.

We are looking forward to answer all of your questions!


No matter if it is about loading or unloading ships in the world‘s largest harbours or box wagons at transshipment stations – Kinshofer attachments for re-handling are used everywhere. Especially our re-handling clamshell buckets with HPXdrive drive system instead of hydraulic cylinders is very popular. This closed system can even be used under water, providing you with a much wider range of possible applications. Also available as version with shells for sorting tasks.

Equally popular are our robust and highly innovative orange peel grabs for excavators with up to 200t (!) with different shell designs and numbers.

Not to forget our strong timber grabs, also available as HPXdrive version or with standard, protected cylinders with up to 100t operating weight.

We are a true one-stop shop of attachments for your carrier machine and and you do not have to trudge around different sites to get equipped.


No matter if demolishing, breaking or separating, primary or secondary demolition – with the attachments for demolition and recycling from the Coreum-partner Demarec you will always have the perfect tool.

With attachments for a broad scope of machines, reaching from demolition grabs for lighter weight excavators up to dedicated shears for excavators of up to 100t operating weight – the perfect solution for each weight and task is available.

Innovations do not fall short: the MQP with its strong power thanks to the DemaPowercylinder, or the DemaLink, making the exchange of jaws possible within only a few minutes on site!

Large scrap shears or concrete crushers and pulverizers are part of the portfolio for demolition and recycling as well as e.g. orange peel grabs.


Easy installation, easy working: that is our new 4-Grip for the D-series demolition and sorting grabs up to 9t, as well as the A-series multi purpose grabs up to 9t operating weight.

The device is fixed at the shells and you can grab concrete items, curbstones etc. easily and without damaging them. Thanks to the sophisticated kinematics, the new 4-Grip cannot only grab material when closing the shells, but also when opening them.

Concrete rings can thus be handled fast and easy without leaving any damages!
  • Economic solution Lösung as it is only an accessory, further increasing the flexibility of your attachment.
  • Robust design and construction.
  • Platic compression rolls avoid damages at the grabbed material.
  • Fast and easy installation and disassembly on site.
  • Low additional weight: only 28 kg in total.
  • High load capacity of 750 kg.


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