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Complete Crane Catalog

Attachments for Rail Construction and Maintenance

Datasheets Attachments for Crane (imperial sizes)

Pallet Forks:

KM 401     KM 401

KM 401H     KM 401H

KM 416     KM 416

KM 420     KM 420

Universal Fork

KM 461     KM 461

KM 461LS     KM 461LS

Brick Stack Grapples:

KM 331     KM 331

KM 332 and KM 333     KM 332 and KM 333

Clamshell Buckets with Open Shells:

KM 605U HPX     KM 605U HPX

KM 605U HPX Refuse     KM 605U HPX Refuse

KM 605U HPX-Z     KM 605U HPX-Z

KM 605U Refuse     KM 605U Refuse

KM 605U Refuse     KM 605U-Z

High Volume Clamshell Buckets:

KM 602     KM 602

KM 622     KM 622

Rock Grapples with HPXdrive:

KM 613HPX     KM 613HPX

KM 613HPX-HD     KM 613HPX-HD

Timber Grapples with HPXdrive:

KM 632HPX     KM 632HPX

KM 632HPX-HD     KM 632HPX-HD

KM 632L HPX-HD     KM 632L HPX-HD

Hay and Forestry Grapples with HPXdrive:

KM 641HPX     KM 641HPX

KM 641HPX-HD     KM 641HPX-HD

Bottle-Bank Discharge Units for Containers:

KM 920-1-A/-B     KM 920-1-A/-B

KM 920-11 and KM 921     KM 920-11 and KM 921

KM 920-12     KM 920-12

KM 920-4 and KM 920-5 Hydraulic Load Hooks     KM 920-4 and KM 920-5 Hydraulic Load Hooks

Rotators and Accessories:

Rotators and Accessories     Rotators and Accessories

Exchangeable Shells for HPXdrive Standard (SD)     Exchangeable Shells for HPXdrive Standard (SD)

Exchangeable Shells for HPXdrive Heavy Duty (HD)     Exchangeable Shells for HPXdrive Heavy Duty (HD)

Accessories for Grapples     Accessories for Grapples

Accessories for Forks     Accessories for Forks

KM 507 Kwikbel™ and Striker     KM 507 Kwikbel™ and Striker

Clamshell Buckets with HPXdrive:

KM 604HPX     KM 604HPX

KM 605HPX     KM 605HPX

KM 605HPX-Z     KM 605HPX-Z

KM 626HPX     KM 626HPX

Clamshell Buckets with Vertical Cylinders:

KM 603     KM 603

KM 607     KM 607

Clamshell Buckets with Horizontal Cylinders:

KM 605     KM 605

Logging Grapple:

KM 634     KM 634

Orange Peel Grapples:

KM 652-5 small     KM 652-5 small (metric)

KM 650 large     KM 650 large

KM 652/2 asymmetric     KM 652/2 asymmetric

Attachments for Telehandlers:

KM 634-3Z Harvester     KM 634-3Z Harvester

Barrier Lifter:

KM 932MB     KM 932MB


KM 930     KM 930

KM 930-1000 Sonder     KM 931-1000

Earth Drills and Augers:

3000TC, 5500TC and 7000TC     3000TC, 5500TC and 7000TC

Universal Grapples for Railway:

KM 632HPX-Rail     KM 632HPX-Rail

KM 632-2-R     KM 632-2-R

KM 632R     KM 632R





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