Our Press Release - Archive will give you a general idea of the developments of the company KINSHOFER and its products. The press releases of the last years reflect again one important point: KINSHOFER always keeps the needs and demands of its customers in mind, with quality ranking first.

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January, 2012

d&ri 01-02/2012

»RF System acquired by KINSHOFER«

The German attachment supplier KINSHOFER GmbH has acquired the Swedish company RF System …

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July 15, 2010

TheSunTimes, July 2010

»9th St. bridge demolition underway«

The old bridge at 9th Street in the city of Owen Sound, built in the 1940’s, had to give way to a new simple span bridge. Hence the old bridge had to be demolished first without damaging the surrounding structure …

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January, 2009

Dry Cargo International January 2009

»Professional re-handling with KINSHOFER«

The company KINSHOFER does not only offer crane attachments, but also tools for excavators of up to 100 tonnes operating weight. Huge clamshell buckets with a volume of up to 5,000 litres are a part of the re-handling range as well as the spezialized beet grab B25H …

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July, 2008

Demolition Dismantling 08

»Liebherr Rental grabs attachments«

For its growing fleet of specialist excavators Liebherr-Rental orders materials handling and demolition attachments …

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July, 2008

Hub-4 July 2008

»Liebherr-Rental orders KINSHOFER attachments at SED«

For its growing fleet of specialist excavators Liebherr-Rental orders materials handling and demolition attachment …

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                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      January 2008
Machinery Movers

»Bespoke loader delivers at Cemex quarry«
Materials giant Cemex uses the KINSHOFER C60H for its sand and gravel operations near Nottingham, Great Britain, on one of its new big 36t-excavators …

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