Multi-Quick Processors for Excavator

The MQP Multi-Quick Processor is THE flexible solution for your demolition site. Thanks to the integrated DemaLink jaw exchange system, the jaws can be changed within less than 10 minutes and the application thus switched without any problem. The processor is thus suitable for primary and secondary demolition. Concrete can be crushed and steel reinforcements and structures cut.

There are seven jaw options available:
Combi-, demolition-, pulveriser-, steel-, tank-, universal- and wood jaws.

The patented DemaPower cylinder is the second main feature of the MQP, providing up to 20% more power and reducing the cycle times to under 5 seconds!
Twin rotation motors for extra rotation power characterize the tool as well as rotation circuit filters and a guide plate at the pivot point for a more precise alignment and a greater jaw stability.

All teeth and cutting blades are exchangeable on site. Bearing points are engineered for an optimum load handling and a reduced wear.

The MQP Multi-Quick Processor is the perfect combination of power, speed and flexibility!

Multi-Quick Processor individual yoke for different jaw options:

MQP-25-Y for excavators with 18 to 25t / 39600 to 55000 lbs and cycle times of 1.5 seconds (open) and 2.3 seconds (close).

MQP-30-Y for excavators with 22 to 35t / 48400 to 77000 lbs and cycle times of 2.0 seconds (open) and 2.3 seconds (close).

MQP-45-Y for excavators with 32 to 50t / 70400 to 110000 lbs and cycle times of 2.0 seconds (open) and 2.9 seconds (close).

MQP-60-Y for excavators with 45 to 65t / 99000 to 143000 lbs and cycle times of 2.0 seconds (open) and 2.8 seconds (close).

Closing forces, weight and dimensions depend on the mounted jaws.


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MQP Jaw Exchange

MQP-30 with Combi-Jaws

MQP-45 with Pulveriser-Jaws

MQP-60 with Steel-Jaws

MQP Multi-Quick Processors




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