NOX Sensors

By means of the sensors, the manual staking out of the work area by a person is reduced, as the precise dimensioning is shown on the display in the driver‘s cabin. The controlled and exact excavation of the required amount results in large time savings and reduced fuel consumption. Furthermore, the attachments and the carrier wear less.

KINSHOFER equips the NOX Tiltrotator with the rotation sensor, the tilt sensor comes from the 2D/3D system provider. In combination with certain excavator systems and makes, the NOXGeo system allows for an auto-turning function.

NOXGeo – Sensor technology:
With the NOXGeo, sensors send position data to the digital control at the NOXprop+ touchscreen in the driver‘s cabin. Thereby, the attachments are connected to the digital technology of the excavator/ machine control. The NOXGeo system also allows the functionality to interface with 2D/3D systems of all common manufacturers thanks to the open system.

SmartTag Tool tracker

The SmartTag and the cloud-based tool management support the driver and operator with the efficient choice and detection of suitable tools for each special task. Operators have their complete fleet under control and thus avoid downtimes and maximize their tool workload.

The SmartTag combines two up to now separated functions in one sensor: tool detection and tracking. As digital type plate, the tool tracker files information on geometries, name, manufacturer, year, ID and operation (e.g. required operating pressure of attachment). At the same time, it gathers, analyzes and detects operating hours, cycles and work processes. Thansk to GPS position and timestamp, you receive data like when and where an attachment had been put down and how it had been used.
The SmartTag is a microcontrol-based tool with a communication functionality via mobile radio and an internal storage to locally back up operating information, error information, etc. The unit only measures 15 cm, it is waterproof, shock resistant, thermo-stable from -25 up to 80 °C, shockproof and has an internal energy supply for approx. 2 years.




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