Drum Cutters KDC for Excavator


The drum cutters with robust spur gearing are driven by high torque motors. In addition, they are equipped with a gear reduction to increase the cutting force. The optimal selection of drum and chisel guarantees high performance for loosening of material and reduces wear.
The best suited components for your task will provide optimum penetration into the rock at low vibration and noise levels.
Underwater operation in up to 25m water depth is no problem thanks to the heavy duty sealing system!

Some facts on the KDC drum cutters:

  • Low noise level and less vibration reduce work fatigue
  • Maximum performance due to robust spur gear
  • Waterproof to 25m depth
  • Extremely robust with low maintenance due to massive drive shaft bearing and heavy duty sealing system
  • Hydraulic motor can be adjusted to the output of the excavator hydraulics
  • Fast and easy exchange of wear parts reduces downtimes
  • Large drum and chisel assortment
  • Optional 360° Rotation: rotation of the cutter allows exact positioning in corners, on walls and other vertical surfaces for more accurate contouring
  • Three drum options: excavating, demolition or profiling

Also great in combination with our NOX Tiltrotators!



KDC04 available for excavators with 2 t to 4 t / 4400 lbs to 8800 lbs.


KDC06 available for excavators with 4 t to 6 t / 8800 lbs to 13200 lbs.


KDC08 available for excavators with 5 t to 8 t / 11000 lbs to 17600 lbs.


KDC15 available for excavators with 9 t to 14 t / 19800 lbs to 30800 lbs.


KDC20 available for excavators with 12 t to 20 t / 26400 lbs to 44000 lbs.


KDC30 available for excavators with 18 t to 30 t / 39600 lbs to 66000 lbs.


KDC35 available for excavators with 25 t to 35 t / 55000 lbs to 77000 lbs.


KDC45 available for excavators with 30 t to 45 t / 66000 lbs to 99000 lbs.


KDC60 available for excavators with 40 t to 60 t / 88000 lbs to 132000 lbs.


All drum cutters are equipped with either excavating, demolition or profiling drums.






KDC-Cutter with NOX
KDC Drum Cutter underwater
KDC Drum Cutter in tunnel
KDC-Cutter in action
KDC Drum cutter
KDC Cutter
KDC Transversal Cutter
KDC Drum Cutter
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KDC Drum Cutter with NOX Tiltrotator



KDC Technical Data
Drum Cutters KDC Flyer






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