Contractor Grapples

The robust KINSHOFER mechanical contractor grapples with five strong, interlocking tines are ideal for demolition, material handling and sorting of all kinds such as rocks, scrap and other debris.

There are no additional hydraulics required.

The grapple is available as pin-on attachment (fixed mount) or with a pin-grabber coupler (quick hitch) and features a large opening and weld-in replaceable tine tips. The curved jaws allow for an easy handling of bulky material and a better penetration and release of scrap and other debris. Wear-resistant fine grain steel is used in the construction of the shell interior and the tines.

Mounting pad and positioning arm are included in the delivery.

CG 40 available for excavators with 16 to 21t / 35200 to 46200 lbs and an opening range of 2490 mm / 98.03 in.

CG 50 available for excavators with 21 to 29t / 46200 to 63800 lbs and an opening range of 2820 mm / 111.02 in.

CG 70 available for excavators with 29 to 40t / 63800 to 88000 lbs and an opening range of 3100 mm / 122.05 in.

CG 100 available for excavators with 40 to 54t / 88000 to 118800 lbs and an opening range of 3430 mm / 135.04 in.

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Contractor Grapples
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