Mobile Shears for Excavator

The KINSHOFER DXS mobile shear series with 360° rotation has been engineered to achieve an optimal power to weight ratio. This robust tool can be used for a wide variety of jobs including concrete and steel construction demolition, scrap yards, conditioning of industrial mixed scrap and even processing steel-reinforced concrete.

Thanks to the DemaPower 2.0 system, the DXS shears feature up to 25% more power and extremely fast cycle times! The powerful cylinder is positioned fully protected in the housing which is made of extremely resistant special steel.
The heavy duty bearings result in a reduced bushing wear without tolerance. The optimal power to weight ratio as well as the offset angles of the two cutting blades provide a huge cutting force.
A largely designed opening of the robust mouth is ideal for scrap and concrete.

All wear cutting blades can be turned four times and – whenever material gets jammed – be loosened from outside. The piercing tip is exchangeable and weldable.

The DXS is also available with integrated Oilquick adapter (version FQC) for excavators with 18 to 35t / 39600 to 77000 lbs or 25 up to 50t / 55000 up to 110000 lbs operating weight.

There is also a C-version available without rotation.



Rotating for mount on dipper or boom:

DXS-40-A for excavators with 18 to 25t / 39600 to 55000 lbs (boom) or 25 to 35t / 55000 to 77000 lbs (dipper).

DXS-50-A for excavators with 25 to 35t / 55000 to 77000 lbs (boom) or 35 to 50t / 77000 to 77000 lbs (dipper).

DXS-60-A for excavators with 32 to 50t / 70400 to 110000 lbs (boom) or 50 to 70t / 110000 to 154000 lbs (dipper).

DXS-70-A for excavators with 35 to 65t / 77000 to 143000 lbs (boom) or 60 to 80t / 132000 to 176000 lbs (dipper).


Rotating for mount on dipper or boom with integrated OQ80 Oilquick adapter:

DXS-40-FQC for excavators with 18 to 25t / 39600 to 55000 lbs (boom) or 25 to 35t / 55000 to 77000 lbs (dipper).

DXS-50-FQC for excavators with 25 to 35t / 55000 to 77000 lbs (boom) or 35 to 50t / 77000 to 77000 lbs (dipper).



Scrap Shear with Rotation
DXS-50 Mobile Scrap Shear
Scrap Shear with Rotation
DXS in Action
DXS Scrapping
DXS Scrap Shear
DXS Demolition Shear
DXS Scrap Yard
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Mobile Shear DXS

Mobile Shear DXS Info

DXS Mobile Shears






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