Sleeper Changers for Excavator

RBS20 sleeper changing unit with ballast shield for Mono- und BiBloc sleepers

The new RBS20 sleeper changing unit with integrated ballast shield offers the additional option of bolt-on ballast buckets that can be used to extract the ballast from in between the sleepers and place it next to the track, for example. The plunge depth of the shield can be adjusted. The sleeper is grabbed with the mounted hydraulic gripper and can then be pulled out of the bed from the side. The grab is equipped with a 360° endless rotation.

BiBloc sleepers can also be handled by opening the hydraulic gripper and thus clamping the sleeper. Ideal for road rail excavators with 12t to 24t / 26400 to 52800 lbs operating weight. A special holding valve guarantees a secure retention of loads even in the case of pressure drops.



Another enhanced version is the RBS20HPX sleeper changing unit including the revolutionary HPXdrive. The ballast shield of the tool has the additional option of bolt-on buckets that can be used to not just push out the ballast from in between the sleepers, but actually shovel it out and place it at a designated place.

The gripper unit of the attachment is equipped with the cylinderless, maintenance-free HPXdrive and is suitable for concrete as well as wooden sleepers without leaving any damage when clamping. An integrated 360° endless rotation provides additional flexibility as well as the adjustable plunge depth to adapt to the sleeper’s height.

RBS20 available for excavators with 10 to 24t / 22000 to 52800 lbs operating weight.

RBS20HPX available for excavators with 12 up to 24t / 26400 up to 52800 lbs operating weight.

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