Rail Clamshell Buckets for Excavator

Especially for the railway application, KINSHOFER has designed extra strong and narrow shells for the proven C18VE-Rail with exchangeable shells for excavators up to 18t / 39600 lbs operating weight. For railway application, there are e.g. also sleeper and rail gripping tines to handle rails and ties. Bucket carrier, hydraulics and bearings are integrated into the main carrier and only the shells are exchanged within only some minutes.

There is also a smaller version, also with exchangeable shells, for excavators up to 8t / 17600 lbs operating weight: C08VE-Rail.

Another option is the C18VE/RIG, a clamshell bucket with exchangeable shells without rotator for the rigid mount on excavators, ideally in combination with a tiltrotator. The main carrier has been reinforced to endure the forces caused by the rigid mounting. A special option is the cardanic joint that can be installed between clamshell bucket and tiltrotator.This rigid mount version is also available including a sturdy rotation - C18VE-HD.

Different accessories such as scrapers are additionally available.

C08VE-Rail available for excavators with 4 to 9t / 8800 to 19800 lbs operating weight.

C18VE-Rail available for excavators with 13 to 18t / 28600 to 39000 lbs operating weight. 

C18VE/RIG available for excavators with 13 to 18t / 28600 to 39000 lbs operating weight. Also available as C18VE-HD version with sturdy rotation.



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C-VE Exchangeable Shell System




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