Cable Ploughs for Excavator

The cable ploughs are highly specified, efficient tools to drill channels for cables or hoses. Depending on the type, the plough is suitable for excavators with up to 20t / 44000 lbs operating weight.

The ploughs are robust tools without any protruding parts and even drill hard soil and plow through roots and other vegetation without getting stuck. The attachment is available in different widths and can be mounted easily to the carrier machine.

In just one working step the attachment opens the ground and positions the cables or hoses in the channel to save time.

The ploughs are available as mechanical (KPF) and hydraulic (KPH) version, whereas the hydraulic versions includes a hydraulic auger in front of the plough for an easier penetration.

The KPL tube layer can optionally be mounted to the cable ploughs (hydraulic and mechanical).

To further add to the functionality of the tool, there are a lot of accessories available such as a safety wire, a marker tape support or a cable bender for thick cables.

KPF mechanical cable plough available for excavators with 3t up to 20t / 6600 up to 44000 lbs operating weight and 50 or 70 mm / 1.97 or 2.76 in lower plough width.

KPH hydraulic cable plough including front auger available for excavators with 3t up to 18t / 6600 up to 39600 lbs operating weight and 50 or 70 mm / 1.97 or 2.76 in lower plough width.

KPL tube layer available for KPF or KPH cable ploughs with 30 up to 120 mm / 1.18 up to 4.72 in lower width.

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KPH Hydraulic Cable Plough

KPF / KPH Cable Ploughs




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