Multi Purpose Grabs for Excavator


Not only with hydraulic cylinders, but also available with the proven low-maintenance and cylinderless HPXdrive!

It's up to you!

The new Multi Purpose Grabs up to 9t operating weight feature further improved shell kinematics and design!

Up to 6t, the grabs are equipped with the new, flat 10t rotator: low height meets sturdiness and strength - indispensable for the versatile operation in the landscaping architecture!

Some facts on the HPXdrive:

  • Low maintenance: up to 50% longer service life
  • Cylinderless: no hydraulic cylinders
  • Direct hydraulic connection: no short hoses
  • Integrated shell exchange system: highest flexibility
  • Flat rotator: low overall height
  • Direct mount: facilitates positioning
  • Adapter with compression rails as option - easy and fast mounting!
  • Bolt-on side walls also available as an option

From size D04 upwards, the grabs can be equipped with the special 4-Grip device to easily handle concrete parts, curbs, etc. or other accessories.



You have a new HPXdrive grab for your excavator up to 9t operating weight? Then register now and extend your warranty from 2 to 5 years! For free!

you can find and download the flyer with every fact about our new series!

The cylinder versions of the new A-series up to 9t are robust, long-living and reliable tools! The shells are not moved by the HPXdrive here, but conventionally with high-quality hydraulic cylinders. Rotator and shell design are the same!  

Watch the new A04H in action!

Also check out our new Selector Grabs up to 9t!


Still also in the product range, of course, the large Multi Purpose Grabs from 9t up to 27t operating weight - proven quality and flexibility is guaranteed by our Multi Purpose Grabs!

with HPXdrive:

A04HPX for excavators with 2 to 4t / 4400 to 8800 lbs.

A06HPX for excavators with 3 to 6t / 6600 to 13200 lbs.

A09HPX for excavators with 6 to 9t / 13200 to 19800 lbs.

with cylinder:

A02H for excavators with 1 to 2t / 2200 to 4400 lbs.

A04H for excavators with 2 to 4t / 4400 to 8800 lbs.

A06H for excavators with 3 to 6t / 6600 to 13200 lbs.

A09H for excavators with 6 to 9t / 13200 to 19800 lbs.

A12H for excavators with 8 to 12t / 17600 to 26400 lbs.

A15H for excavators with 11 to 15t / 24200 to 33000 lbs.

A20H for excavators with 14 to 20t / 30800 to 44000 lbs.

A27H for excavators with 18 to 27t / 39600 to 59400 lbs.


A02H Multi Purpose Grab
A02H open
A02H Universal Grab
A04H new Multi Purpose Grab
A04H open
A04H MUlti Purpose Grab with Side Plates
A04HPX Universal Grab with HPXdrive
A04HPX HPX open
A04HPX with Side Walls
A04HPX Exchangeable Shells
A06H Multi Purpose Grab with Horizontal Cylinder
A06H open
A06H Closed
A06HPX Universal Grab with HPXdrive
A06HPX open
A06HPX with Plates
A06HPX Shells
A09H New Grab
A09H open
A09H with Side Plates
A09HPX with HPXdrive
A09HPX open with HPX
A09HPX with Side Walls
A09HPX Exchangeable Shells
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The new A04H


A04HPX and A06HPX
A02H, A04H and A06H
A12H, A15H, A20H and A27H
HPXdrive Exchangeable Shells




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