Hedge Trimmer and Tree Shear for Excavator

With grass, bushes, thicket and brush growing along our overland roads, rail tracks and electricity supply routes, there is the continuous need to cut back the protruding branches to keep the ways clear. Due to the sheer size of the infrastructure, this needs to be done fast and effectively!

The light hedge trimmer T150 from the Kinshofer-daughter Auger Torque for excavators up to 8t / 17600 lbs is ideal for the trimming of hedges and bushes. The robust and durable construction is equipped with high quality blades. High performance at low maintenance - can be equipped with a 1 m extension as an option.


The KTC08 Tree Shear is ideal for cutting trees or shortening bushes and are ideal for excavators with up to 8t / 17600 lbs operating weight. The optional gripper has been designed to cut more material with one cut in light wood by bundling e.g. thin bushes.

Both attachments are best used in combination with our NOX Tiltrotators!


T150 (1)
T150 (2)
T150 (3)
T150 (4)
T150 (5)
T150 (6)
T150 (7)
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T150 Hedge Trimmer
KTC08 Tree Shear




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