Quick Coupling Systems for Excavators


Functional quick coupling, depending on the task!

As a global company we know that customers of different regions get used to certain styles and characteristics of products, including quick couplers.

We constantly improve our designs for higher productivity and overall more safety, and we are also aware of the fact, that customers already have products with which the new products have to be compatible with.


With your excavator specific suspension and the suiting adapter you create a universal connection and convert your carrier into a multifunctional machine. Our L-Lock and S-Lock systems can be defined by the following features:

▷ Fully compatible with the original quick coupler systems or standards.
▷ Safe mechanic or hydraulic locking available.
▷ Use of robust and durable cast housings.
▷ Comply with all applicable safety standards of the machine guideline 2006/42/EG, DIN EN474-1, SUVA and ISO13031.

System L-Lock

System L-Lock

The System L-Lock was designed to be fully compatible with the known and regionally widespread Lehnhoff adapters. For maximum reliability, all contact surfaces of the L-Lock quick couplers are mechanically machined and therefore lock safely and without play.

▷ KMS-L with mechanic locking system
▷ KHS-L with hydraulic locking system


System S-Lock

System S-Lock

The System S-Lock was designed to be fully compatible with the internationally widespread S-Standard adapters. Besides a mechanic over dead center locking, the S-Lock quick couplers have an additional locking of the front pin, creating a maximum of security.

▷ KMS-S with mechanic locking system
▷ KHS-S with hydraulic locking system
▷ KES-S with electric locking system


With the multifunctional locking system you create a universal connection that is able to pick up and securely lock different excavator specific suspensions and therefore converts every carrier into a multifunctional machine. Our System D-Lock:

▷ Dual pin lock, front and rear pin are secured.
▷ Picks up attachments with different pin distances and diameters.
▷ Safety system does not rely on gravity.
▷ Comply with all applicable safety standards of the machine guideline 2006/42/EG, DIN EN474-1, SUVA and ISO13031

System D-Lock

System L-Lock

The System D-Lock was designed to be compatible with most of the pin-to-pin adapters or the original excavator specific suspensions. For maximum security the system not only has a hydraulic main locking system but also an additional mechanic locking for rear and front pin. Therefore the D-Lock system is one of the world‘s safest quick coupling systems.

▷ KHM-D with hydraulic locking system





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