Brextor Pile Milling Head for Excavator


The Brextor is a pile head milling machine developed in Switzerland - a quantum leap in pile head processing!

All over the world, taller and larger buildings are being constructed in exposed locations, such as on sand or other unstable ground. The most important thing for these buildings is a stable and qualitatively perfect foundation.
The pile head is the connection to the actual foundation. This connection must be finished in perfect quality and must not show any damage.

Building owners demand secure foundations and the shortest possible construction time.

This puts construction companies under increasing time pressure.

Quality means manual work, which takes a lot of time and extend massively construction programs. On the other hand, a faster processing method is for example processing with a hydraulic hammer or pile breaker. However, this means poor quality in the finished work.

The Brextor optimally fulfils both needs!
With the Brextor, pile head processing is fast and efficient. Construction programs can be optimized and shortened.

Previous mechanical methods work with vertical impact energy. The impact of the applied energy cannot be controlled. With the Brextor, we work horizontally and always have 100% control of the forces.

Hydraulic hammers or pile breakers cannot be used everywhere and requires a correspondingly large amount of space. The Brextor is the solution for all requirements. It can also be used, where space is limited. Tangential pile walls or overcut pile walls are no problem for working with the Brextor. With a pile breaker, for example, these pile types cannot be processed.

The Brextor is designed as a modular system. Individual components can be adapted to different needs and pile sizes.

In addition, concrete removal is only one part of the necessary work steps until the pile head is ready for the subsequent work.

  • It opens up new possibilities already during the planning of projects
  • The Brextor generates additional added value
  • Massively increased work safety
  • Makes construction processes faster and more predictable

When your customers, process the pile heads with the Brextor, perfect work can be delivered. Work processes can be better planned and are up to 20 times faster.

In addition, the Brextor offers the following advantages, among others:

  • 100% quality of work and safety
  • Patented technology, accepted in the market and undisputed
  • Environmentally and health friendly
  • Modular system - system solution

Find here our data sheet with the most important information about the Brextor!


Would you like to have more information? Please contact Stefan Sparwel, Global Product Line Manager - Phone: +49 (0)160 90 89 00 76 or Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 


The Brextor is the perfect tool for the operator
Neatly milled pile heads thanks to the Brextor
No quality loss when milling with the Brextor
Brextor in combination with mobile dust control
Thanks to dust control almost no dust when milling
Brextor in action
Breaking the rest of the concrete with the BRC shear
Perfect finishing with the BRC shear
Brextor in action with pile heads with and without reinforcements
Work efficiently, precisely and low cost with the Brextor
Brextor in action
Perfectly milled pile heads thanks to the Brextor
Brextor in action
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Brextor on the A2 motorway in Lucerne

Brextor in Action

Brextor at tight space conditions

Brextor Foundation Pile Milling Head




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