Headquarters: KINSHOFER GmbH Waakirchen/Marienstein, Germany

Hauptstrasse 76
83666 Waakirchen/Marienstein
Tel.: +49 (0)8021 8899 0
Fax: +49 (0)8021 8899 37
Email: info@kinshofer.com

Headquarters with management board, development, production, sales, marketing, human resources and accounting

Employees: 165

Founding year: 1971 in Miesbach, Bavaria, Germany

1991 removal to Waakirchen/Marienstein, Germany

Since 2007 part of the Lifco-Group

Here in Marienstein near Waakirchen, the worldwide well-known attachments from KINSHOFER for loader cranes and excavators are not only developed, but also manufactured, merchandised and sold. Quality, reliability and innovation always rank first.

The long years of existence have not only brought valuable experiences, that inure to the benefit of the customers of KINSHOFER, but also the compilation of a wide product range. No matter if loader crane, excavator or forklift – the KINSHOFER attachments increase the flexibility and efficiency of the respective carrier machine.

With a capable team of highly qualified employees, modern manufacturing facilities and perfected production logistics, we can guarantee our customers quick and customized solutions tailored to their specific applications. Leading manufacturers of loading cranes and excavators have placed their confidence in KINSHOFER and chosen us as their OEM partner.