Czech Republic and Austria: KINSHOFER CZ s.r.o. Ceske Velenice

Cs. Legií 568
37810 Ceske Velenice
Tel.: +420 384 795 110
Fax: +420 384 795 120

Location Czech Republic/Austria with manufacturing and assembling

Employees: 94 Czech Republic / 33 Austria

Founding year: 1997 KINSHOFER Austria, Gmund, Austria

1997 KINSHOFER CZ in Ceske Velenice, Czech Republic

KINSHOFER CZ s.r.o. manufactures and assembles not only excavator attachments in its shops at the border between Austria and the Czech Republic, but also diverse attachments for loader cranes. Furthermore different shears for demolition and recycling are produced, assembled and shipped from here.